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Below you can browse a collection of my images that are available for purchase as high quality, limited edition fine art prints.

All of my images are printed onto museum quality Smooth Cotton paper, using high definition archival inks to ensure the highest levels of image quality and reproduction.

All prints are hand checked by myself and are posted carefully rolled in print delivery tubes. My images are sold  in a limited edition run of 75 (unless otherwise stated) , each print being numbered and signed.

Image sizes are given for the long edge dimension of the image. Framing can be arranged on request, please get in touch sadly framed prints are only available in the UK.

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Square Bear

Face to Face – Brown Bear Portrait

Having wanted to photograph brown bears for many years, I finally got the chance in 2015. Spending a week in the forests of Finland, each night we were treated to stunning close up encounters with these impressive animals. On one evening this bear was particularly interested in our hide, coming within a matter of feet from where we were positioned. So close that the bear filled my frame, giving me a wonderful opportunity for a perfect portrait, face to face with simply one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet.

This Print is a special edition 40x40cm square with a wide border, it is being sold in a limited edition of only 40 prints.

£200.00 Print only.

Long Bear

Standing tall – European Brown Bear

In a small clearing in the Finish forest, this brown bear made its way out into the open, crossing through the wet marsh surrounded by the cotton grass.

As he neared my position, another large male bear emerged on the opposite side of the clearing, prompting him to stand up on his hind legs for a better look.  After judging the other male to be of greater size, he slowly made his way back off into the forest, disappearing out of view into the dense vegetation.

50cm,  £150.00 Print only.

Perfect Puffin

Out of the Blue –  Atlantic Puffin

Puffins are one the UK’s most iconic species. These wonderful seabirds return year after year to nest on our cliffs and small coastal islands, fishing for sand eels in order to raise their young.

Working on the Farne Islands, I created this simple portrait, using limited depth of field and a simple colour pallet as to not distract from the beauty of these wonderful members of the auk family.

50cm,  £150.00 Print only.


Garden Fox

Flower bed Fox –  Red Fox Cub

Red foxes have always been one of my favourite subjects to photograph.

Playful and inquisitive, they have a wonderful character and on this occasion sitting in a flowerbed, this little cub was a simply perfect subject.

50cm,  £150.00 Print only.

Under the Oak

Under the Oak – Little Owl

Little Owls are wonderful, full of charisma and arguably, one of the UK’s cutest bird species.

Not wanting to get a simple shot of a bird on a post, I set about working on a four month project to photograph them in this beautiful ancient Oak.

Working with a remote camera trap I set up for a wide angle portrait, to produce an image of both the owl and its surrounding environment.

50cm,  £150.00 Print only.

Otterly Brilliant

Up on the bank – River Otter

Shy and illusive Otters have a habit of evading they eyes of those who want to view them.

Resting on the bank, whilst positioned in the water in my chest waders, we were treated to a wonderful view as this male came out of the water to mark his territory on an old cedar tree, looking directly at me for a split second, before making his way off down stream.

50cm, £150.00 Print only.


Lookout – Red Squirrel

Sadly lost from much of the British isles, Red squirrels can still be found in strong numbers in  the depths of the Scottish highlands.

Having been in the hide for a number of days, I finally got the image I was after, when this squirrel paused for a brief moment to survey they area on a small piece of rock, with the edge of the forest just off behind.

50cm, £150.00 Print only.

Brown Hare

Out in the field – Brown Hare

Over the last few years I have spent a huge amount of time stalking and photographing Brown hares close to my home.

Their elegance and behaviours making them stunning subjects. As the Sun started to set on this particular evening, the light was perfect for simple portrait of such a true emblem of the British countryside.

50cm, £150.00 Print only.

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